Our clients? They want Return On Investment (ROI).

Ask any experienced business owner: “How many times did you pay for a shitty product or service when you probably could have done a better job yourself?” Especially in the startup stage of your company bad deals happen far too often. A gigantic waste of time and money. DIY is the new ROI. Stop paying others for nothing.

While most agencies and consultancies are still doing what they always did. We are embracing the new reality of DIY. Current and future computer technology allows clients to easily do really cool stuff that previously required a third party professional. Emerging AI technology is rapidly proving to be an even bigger game changer.

So empowering our clients with DIY coaching, training and consulting is the logical way to go. This strategy also shifts our focus from the local to the global market. Due to the covid pandemic most people are now accustomed to video meetings. So we welcome new clients from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.











The above services are just a popular selection. With over 35 years of allround business experience you can ask us anything. Challenge us.

Legally avoid tax? Relocate to sunny Dubai now!

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a diverse population (85% expats) of almost 4 million people. Its booming economy is not about oil (less than 1%) as many still seem to think, but about luxury and investment. The strategy of Dubai is both simple and effective: attract wealthy people from all over the world with a zero tax policy. Work hard, play hard in Dubai.

But successfully moving to Dubai is not as easy as most local agencies would like you to believe. Many get scammed. You need to know and pay the right contacts to make a smooth transition without painful and costly mistakes. Our VIP relocation services for tax residency start from 20K depending on your specific needs. We focus on clients with 1M or more. Book a meeting to discuss your situation.

Young and ambitious? Let’s start a business together!

Many youngsters from Gen Z (from 1995 to 2010) and Gen Y (from 1980 to 1995) don’t want to stay an employee forever. Unlike their boomer (grand)parents. These new generations have big dreams and smart ideas. So why not start your own business and just go for it? You can always find a job again if you don’t succeed. Never forget: old people regret the most the things they did not do or try. Entrepreneurship is an amazing experience that might make you a fortune!

Nowadays there are so many resources and technologies at your disposal. AI tools are really shaking up the economy offering unprecedented opportunity. So starting a business has never been more attractive and easy. Of course becoming successful takes time, skills, budget and dedication. You might make it on your own, but any business guru will confirm: find yourself a coach! Someone who prevents you from making rookie mistakes and guides you through this exciting game.

Our proven formula for success includes everything (young) entrepreneurs need in every step of the process. From business conception to registration, operation, administration, marketing, strategy and expansion. We got your back all the way with our unique full-service one-stop approach. As your loyal business partner/coach we receive a fair monthly fee/percentage in return.

Our team? Smart, dedicated, fun, nerdy and flexible.

Vincent (Senior Business Coach), Jo (Medior Business Coach), Wouter (Junior Business Coach), Tariq (Business Assistant) and Rebel (Senior Barketeer) are ready to accelerate your business. Each has unique skills and together as a team we empower our clients with that next level DIY.

Interns are welcomed, but we expect talent, motivation, commitment and responsibility. We guarantee a very inspiring, rewarding and educational internship for those who pass our selection. Work hard, play hard, discover and enjoy yourself.

Contact us? We’re just a video call away. Let’s go!

The internet has exploded in the last 20 years. It brings people and companies worldwide together effortlessly. So why limit your business to just local clients and suppliers? We provide topnotch DIY services for startups globally. Your background doesn’t matter. Just your focus and ambition. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, homemaker or student book a meeting and let’s go!

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